Breakout Fun! is an easy-to-use activity creator that promotes student engagement and collaborative learning both in the classroom and online.

Boost student engagement with Breakout Fun!

Breakout Fun! is an easy-to-use activity creator that promotes student engagement and collaborative learning in the classroom and online.

Bring excitement back into the classroom

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Breakout Fun! is an activity creator for educators

Breakout Fun! uses teacher provided questions to create fun activities where students can work together, learn from each other, and engage in friendly competition.  The setup time is very fast for the teacher, and students love playing Breakout Fun!

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Virtual or In-Person

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How does it work?

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Leonie K.Student

Nothing is worse than entering a Breakout room where everybody is muted and has their camera off, and getting group work done is almost impossible in that setting. With the introduction of Breakout Fun, we finally had an incentive to work together and engage with one another. Not only have Breakout rooms become more productive, but I now have a better connection to my peers, even in a remote setting.

Michael H.Student

I used to hate when my teachers would put us in breakout rooms. Nobody would participate and it felt like a huge waste of time. However, since my teachers have started using Breakout Fun, I look forward to being able to connect and compete with my classmates all while learning the course material.

Eljay M.Student

I personally thoroughly enjoyed the game that was presented. The game was great because it had me engaged and focused whilst having fun. As I was contributing and playing I was also being challenged by having to answer questions with a time limit which put pressure on my team. The challenge aspect worked out well because it made teams playing compete in order to win. The results between teams were close so you had to make sure you did your research and worked as a collective to get the upper hand to win. Overall I highly rate this game and would definitely play in the future. I recommend this game to any teachers looking to do something fun and interactive with their students.