BreakoutFun Single

$20.00 / year

Breakout Fun! is an easy-to-use activity creator that promotes student engagement and collaborative learning both in the classroom and online. Breakout Fun! uses teacher provided questions to create fun activities where students can work together, learn from each other, and engage in friendly competition. The setup time is very fast for the teacher, and students love playing Breakout Fun!


Breakout Fun! is fully customizable and can be used by any teacher no matter what subject they teach. The teacher decides how many questions and rounds will be in the game, and the activity creator will do the rest of the work. Breakout Fun! has been used by college professors and high school teachers in both distance learning and in-person settings with great success!

Breakout Fun! uses teacher created (or test bank generated) questions, and automatically builds an interactive scoreboard and answer sheets for students to input answers into. The interactive scoreboard keeps track of the progress of the game as students learn collaboratively while competing against their classmates.

Breakout Fun! promotes collaborative learning, competition, and fun.