Created By Educators!

Breakout Fun! is an easy-to-use activity creator that promotes student engagement and collaborative learning both in the classroom and online.  Breakout Fun! uses teacher provided questions to create fun activities where students can work together, learn from each other, and engage in friendly competition.  The setup time is very fast for the teacher, and students love playing Breakout Fun!

Breakout Fun! works great in the classroom, but is also an amazing addition to any virtual course using Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or MS Teams.

Breakout Fun! is fully customizable and can be used by any teacher no matter what subject they teach.  The teacher decides how many questions and rounds will be in the game, and the activity creator will do the rest of the work. Breakout Fun! has been used by college professors and high school teachers in both distance learning and in-person settings with great success!

Breakout Fun! uses teacher created (or test bank generated) questions, and automatically builds an interactive scoreboard and answer sheets for students to input answers into.  The interactive scoreboard keeps track of the progress of the game as students learn collaboratively while competing against their classmates.

Breakout Fun! promotes collaborative learning, competition, and fun.

How Does Breakout Fun Work?

Breakout Fun! is a web-application that is always accessible to subscribers.  Once logged in, creating activities is quick and simple!  The teacher will be asked to provide the number of questions in the game, the number of teams, and then the answers to the questions will be inputted.  Click ‘Create Game’ and Breakout Fun! will make a custom game based on the teacher’s inputs.  The teacher will then share the game link with their students.

Once Students visit the link, they will click on their team name and then have access to the game.  The game scoreboard keeps track of correct and incorrect answers, and it also displays a running score as the game is being played.

Because Breakout Fun! uses questions provided by the teacher, it can be used by any teacher no matter what subject they teach.

How Can Breakout Fun be Used?

Breakout Fun! works great for virtual or in-person classes.  It has been used for test preparation, trivia, ice breaker activities, surveys, and more.

Breakout Fun! is also a great tool for businesses that want to engage their employees in a new and exciting way. It also works for baby showers, family reunions, or virtually any type of in-person or remote event where people want to have fun and engage with others!

Breakout Fun! works great with multiple choice and matching questions, but it can also be used for questions that involve calculations.  In the classroom, teachers can provide students with printed questions, or they can be shared via email or a course management system.  Once the students have the questions, they can either work in groups or individually to complete the questions.  Answers are inputted into the answer sheet, and the scoreboard automatically tallies the results.  At the end of the game a winner will be determined.


Breakout Fun! was created in 2017 by educators who were seeking new ways for students to work together in preparation for assessments.  The first version of Breakout Fun! was built in Microsoft Excel.  It worked great and the students loved it!  However, every time the game was to be played, the teacher would have to manually create a new Excel sheet.

During the COVID19 pandemic when many schools around the world were forced to transition to online learning, Breakout Fun! was developed into a web application in order to provide users with a much faster setup time and better overall user experience.

Breakout Fun! has been featured at various teacher conferences – most notably the National Economics Teaching Association hosted by Cengage.