Ideas and ways to play Breakout Fun!

Breakout Fun! is an exciting custom activity/game/lesson plan creator that aids in maximizing engagement and collaboration among students, families, friends, and coworkers.  Our easy-to-use creator interface allows users to build activites/games/lesson plans that can be played during class, competitions, work events, or family gatherings.

Users create their own questions, and Breakout Fun! does the rest of the work!

Breakout Fun! is the perfect enhancer for your lesson plans, study reviews, and test preparation.  It allows participants to engage in collaborative learning as the teams compete against each other.  Finally, it is fun, engaging, and easy to operate.

Once the user creates the game, it can be easily viewed, shared, and played.  Breakout Fun! is an excellent addition to a virtual lesson plan (utilizing existing online meeting software), and it is also a great activity to do in person.

Breakout Fun! is also ideal for in- person classes, family gatherings, and work events.

How does it work?

Save time on lesson prep – Breakout Fun! was designed to facilitate minimal setup time and easy gameplay. Quick games can be set up and ready to go in as little as 5-10 minutes!

Originally created as a Google Sheets game, the Breakout team is excited for the upcoming release of the Breakout Fun! game in web application format.  

The foundational building block of BreakoutFun! is your multiple-choice question set. 

This can be an original question set you have created, or one that you’ve pulled from a textbook or an online resource (such as McGraw Hill/Cengage/etc.). 

Your question set can be delivered to your students via print out (for in person games) or via the chat feature of your online meeting platform, email, or online classroom tool chat feature.  

You can assign breakout groups randomly or group your students/team members yourself – for some quick tips on how to use breakout rooms please check out our tips and tricks content. 

Simply input the number of teams, number of rounds and questions, and answer key into the game creator and you are ready to play! 

Breakout Fun! for Schools and Universities

Breakout Fun! is an awesome way to engage students both virtually and in the classroom. Whether your class is fully in-person, remote, or even a hybrid environment – Breakout Fun! drives student interaction and connection no matter the setting.

Teachers looking for a way to encourage their students to interact with each other will find Breakout Fun! exciting and easy to implement.  Breakout Fun! is perfect for online or in-person classes.  Breakout Fun! encourages collaborative learning, competition, and more – all while having fun!

Today, teachers face especially challenging times.  Engaging students through virtual learning requires more creativity.   Breakout Fun! provides teachers with creative solutions for executing lesson plans that maximize student engagement.  Breakout Fun! is a great way to prepare students for assessments while simultaneously being a fun activity to bring into your classroom to break up the monotony that can sometimes set in within the remote-learning environment.

Breakout Fun! has been tested and proven in face-to-face classroom settings.  Students work together in groups to compete against other teams in the classroom.  Not only does Breakout Fun! provide students with excellent lessons, it is a great option for preparing students for exams.

Breakout Fun! for the Office and Workplace

Breakout Fun! provides companies with a tool to enhance employee engagement. Now more than ever before, companies need creative ways to engage their workforce. This year has brought many unforeseen challenges to businesses all over the globe.

Breakout Fun! is a wonderful addition to your virtual or in-person corporate event or meeting. Through the use of our creator, employees are able to compete in teams against other teams in the organization. The user creates or supplies the questions to be played and Breakout Fun! does the rest. Icebreakers, company or job background facts, or even just some fun trivia to build team camaraderie – the options are endless!

Are you trying to discover new ways to better engage your employees outside of the stereotypical Zoom or Teams meeting? Are you currently working virtually and looking for opportunities to have fun work with your workers? If so, Breakout Fun! is the perfect solution!